Onalaska Booster Club

Raise the Bar Campaign


Welcome to the Raise the Bar Campaign!

The new equipment has been installed, but it is not too late to donate.  While we raised $14,000 through donations, the other half of the costs came from the OHABC reserves. 


You can donate in two ways:

1. Mail a check to: OHABC @ 700 Hilltopper Drive, Onalaska, WI 54650 (note weight room donation in the memo line please)

2. Donate on line by clicking the "Donate" button below (small convenience fee at check-out).


The nine new multi-use squat rack stations will allow more students to complete their routine in a more efficient time. Previously in summer our athletes have had to do most of their lifting in the Mezzanine up stairs next to the weight room because it is cluttered with mismatched equipment.  By adding 9 additional squat racks it will give our weight room 11 stations, each outfitted with a squat rack, adjustable bench press, pull up bar, 2 bars, and full set of weights.  By adding equipment to our weight room it will allow upwards for 50 athletes to be working safely and efficiently at one time.  This will allow our athletes year round to have efficient weight room sessions that allow them to properly prepare for competition.  We strongly believe that this is a huge next step in taking all of our programs to the next level. 


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Jane Duren

Phone: (608) 386-4197